The process of chemical and physical transformation of cowhide before it is used in the production of commonly used products is called "tanning". This process can be carried out with different methods but the final aim is always to make the leather of the animal unaltered to the daily use of the product in which it will be used. The calfskin is one of the most valuable types of bovine leather and used in the production of small to medium items such as bags, wallets, shoes and accessories. The fibers of this leather, although very thin, create a very resistant material. This type of leather is soft, elastic and foldable, moreover, it has been shown to be able to resist abrasion. Its use in the footwear sector, allows to produce articles that maintain their characteristics unchanged over time, even if used daily. Even the most prestigious luxury brands choose calfskin as an ally for the production of their products. Among our products, you can find a wide range of calfskin in various colors both on order and already available in stock. For any information please fill in the contact form, our staff is at your disposal to give you all the information you need.

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